A Collection From Recyclable Car Parts To Unique Pieces

April 5, 2019

Household furniture comes in all forms, from metal and plastic to wood and fabric. While this gives plenty of options for interior decorators, it also complicates the disposal process. As a rule of thumb, your best bet for old furniture is to repair if possible, donate if available, and recycle as bulk waste as a last resort.

By exploring what could be possible with recycled car parts, Roseline Cheron-Seide used to go pick up used tires on the streets that were in good condition for the chairs that she builds. Pilboro Creations & Designs was created about three years ago. Roseline, a business owner since the late 1990s. She also helped her husband establish Seila Kennels/Security. A security company that provides trained guards and various breeds of K-9’s to protect residential and commercial areas. She still manages Seila Kennels today along with Pilboro Creations. She was also involved in building her husband’s auto shop “Pitbull Kustomz Auto Shop.

Image by Pilboro Creations & Designs

A brief history of Pilboro Creations & Designs

Her husband has a passion for rebuilding old cars. This process requires him to replace many parts that were in the car, seeing all of these parts that were now useless Roseline embarked on a new adventure, creating furniture out of old car parts. At first, the pieces of furniture created were for her home and their auto shop “Pitbull Kustomz.” As an avid HGTV watcher, she loves seeing the unique ways the interior designers changed the look of a room. So as the parts were being taken out of the cars, the interior designer had so many ideas of what types of unique things could be built. The auto-shop had a lot of equipment and craftsman to help with these tasks. Eventually, people would see her creations being showcased in her home as well as her husband’s shop and asked her to build them. People were fond of her creations and decided to create a team of talented individuals to help her create more furniture for Pilboro Creations & Designs clients.

As a business owner, think about your own unique value proposition. What are three things you’re doing to stay true to that mission statement?

I continue to look for innovative ways to reuse recyclable items. Customer service is very important to me. I try to do everything possible to put a smile on my customers’ faces.  I empower my fellow Haitians and the youth to look for ways they can have an impact in their communities when I speak on the radio.

Name three ways your family is impacted by your business decisions.

I know that my family is proud of seeing my potential. They see that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. It has also brought us together. We work together sometimes, especially when we have a lot of orders and deliveries. My kids also help me manage social media accounts.

Some small business owners put themselves last, choosing instead to focus on their customers and employees. When is the last time you took a paycheck for yourself?

I am currently reinvesting all the profits to get new materials and equipment for the company. It’s been months since I last took a paycheck.

Describe three things you do to relieve the stress of being your own CEO?

  • I travel with my family and friends.

  • I like to water my plants and garden. I love nature.

  • I like to have ladies day/night with my friends.

What are the biggest issues for running this business?

Finding the right material and fabric is my biggest issue. Not only does it have to be the right material but also the color that the client wants. Another challenge that I face is that sometimes my clients don’t understand that I am in the recycling business. I work with the parts that I find. A piece of furniture that they see on my page can’t always be replicated the same exact way. An example would be the lamps we make out of headlights. We won’t always find the exact same size. We try our best to make them similar. This is what makes each person’s order unique. No one will have the same exact piece of furniture or accessory in their home as you do.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer/manufacture?

Pilboro offers the fabrication of furniture with wood or steel. We also restore furniture that our clients already have such as sofas, chairs, and outdoor furniture. We also redesign different rooms of our client’s home to make them more appealing. Example man caves, kid’s rooms, living rooms, etc.

Image by Pilboro Creations & Designs

You’re great at what you do, and you know how to build a successful business. List three ways you manage your personal and business finances.

Being disciplined and rigorous. Every dollar has to be entered in the accounting book. Keeping track of expenses and the payroll of my employees helps me understand what changes need to be made and how much of the profit I can use to reinvest.

Do you have full distribution at key retailers?

We currently sell from our location. We are in the process of partnering with a local store in Haiti to sell some of our unique lamps made out of recycled car parts.

Can you properly support promotions with enough on-hand inventory?

We have an inventory of the smaller items that we create such as table coasters, desk phone holders, wooden crates. The tire-chairs and other big pieces of furniture are usually built after a client has placed an order at our office in Delmas 71 Rue Cretonne #6. This is because our chairs come in a variety of different colors and we want to give our clients the opportunity to choose a color that would best fit their home.  

How is your brand performing in each market?

My brand is fairly new in the furniture market as a whole, but the brand is growing and gaining a lot of recognition due to the recycling issue that exists in Haiti.

How healthy is your brand compared to the competition?

There isn’t much competition. Creating furniture out of recycled items is relatively new in the country.

Best put by Karl Marx; competition creates innovation. Miss Cheron-Seide first believed she did not have any competition; however, when she thought more about it, she mentioned that there were now new individuals or organizations that were replicating her work. Nevertheless, she doesn’t believe that they are a risk for her business because her clients are loyal customers.

Is there a hidden opportunity to reach more customers?

Right now the fairs, social media, and interviews are the best way to reach out to potential customers.

Are your promotions attracting new customers?

Social Media promotions have been able to help brand awareness grow. We use Instagram and Facebook as our media platforms. A few artists and public figures have shown their support through their accounts as well.

Is your pricing strategy attracting sustainable sales?

I believe my pricing strategy attracts customers. I don’t ask for much. I want the products to be affordable for everyone that has a revenue.

Are your promotions driving sales, growing your brand and are they profitable?

Attending fairs, speaking on the radio, and social media posts have certainly driven our sales. Our clientele has grown a lot in the past year and people are more aware of my work.

What steps do you need to take to become the preferred vendor?

By making sure that our products are unique and different.

What’s the future for Pilboro Creations & Designs?

I hope that we can have a store to sell our products and a factory to produce more. There are a lot of items in the country that we can recycle to build. I also would like Pilboro to influence others in the country to think of innovative ideas using recycled items.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Work every day to be better. In the beginning, it may take a while to be recognized, but if you are passionate and believe in what you are doing stick with it and all your hard work will pay off.

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Author: Debbie Jean Jacques

Last modified: April 5, 2019

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