Building a Digital Brand for Haiti by Producing Contents and Changing the Narrative

September 13, 2019

Building a digital brand for Haiti by producing contents and changing the narrative. This was the theme of a panel discussion constituted of Francesca Eugene, Samuel Dameus, Ryan Bowen,  and Sankara Sauvignon, with Christine Jacques-Coupet as the moderator. 

Francesca Eugene, Sankara Sauvignon, Christine Jacques-Coupet-Jacques, Samuel Dameus, Ryan Bowen. Image by Tourism Innovation Summit

Today, digital technology is crucial to many sectors. It has become a real asset that helps to build customer loyalty. It also plays a fundamental role in the development of brands. However, it cannot stand alone without content. It is essential that the latter be authentic and based on facts. 

At the outset, Christine Jacques-Coupet mentioned that she refuses to post negative stories about Haiti. 

Continuing the discussion, Sankara Sauvignon argued that it is our responsibility to appropriate the images we share and show positive aspects of our country. 

Francesca Eugene, a representative of Barbancourt on the panel, used her company as an example to say that “marketing is not just about drinking, it’s about telling your story. We are selling an image … We are selling an experience. [We are] selling a story.” And all this is only a question of choice. For her, it’s a conscious choice not to highlight negative stories. To elaborate, she said that Barbancourt had become a brand that shows what we Haitians do when we face challenges. 

For Samuel Dameus from the Faces of Haiti, he was direct;  traditional media will not promote Haiti. “Do not let anyone else tell you what Haiti is. You must come and experience Haiti yourself,” he passionately said.  According to the founder of the Faces of Haiti, the beautiful side of Haiti is not only about what we see, but also about what we can do and how we can fulfill our potential. 

If we really feel that Haiti has a lot of potentials, we must come together to get things done. And to put things in perspective, the beautiful side of Haiti is not only about what we can see but what we can do with the country’s existing potential.

Christine Jacques-Coupet went further by saying that we cannot merely change the narrative; we must recreate the story by committing ourselves to create a positive image of Haiti.

We must commit ourselves to surpass the negative discourses about Haiti.

Ryan Bowen believes that we can use technology to encourage people’s interest in Haiti and particularly the images of the country that we want the world to see. 


Writer: Obed Blacker DORVILUS

Last modified: September 13, 2019

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