CAP 2020

September 10, 2019

The year 2020 will be doubly significant for the city of Cap-Haitien. First, it will be the 350th anniversary of the founding of this city with significant historical, architectural, cultural, and glorious past potential. Located in the north of Haiti, this port city was founded in 1670. It has a reputation for bringing together the largest concentration of historical monuments in the country, some of which are on the UNESCO Heritage List. Secondly, it will be the 200th anniversary of the suicide of the first king of Haitian history, Henry Christophe (Henry 1st). Sick at the end of his reign, the king committed suicide on October 8, 1820, at the beginning of the Northern Revolution.    

Before his death, the King declared: “A great man must not survive his glory when his star begins to fade he must disappear.”

Cap-Haitien, the host city of the first Tourism Innovation Summit in Haiti, saw multiple panels devoted to enlightening the audience about the meaning of this celebration. 

It is with the speakers who were involved and who are part of the organizing committee of this celebration Gamelia Mentor, Emile Eyma Jr., Wilborde Béon plus a very methodical moderator, Andy Durosier, that this panel intervened around the theme “CAP 2020.”

When asked what Cap-Haïtien represents, the speakers highlighted the pride and hospitality of Northerners. 

According to Gamalia Mentor, the celebration of the 350th anniversary of Cap-Haitien must be done through citizen participation of all Capois for the strengthening and revaluation of their community. 

According to the organizers, work is already underway, particularly on the sanitation of the city to make the party beautiful. According to Wilborde Beon, to celebrate the 350th, sanitation of the city is one of the highest priorities of the committee.  

It must be said that the event aspect will cover the whole year 2020. 

“Okap pa pou moun okap sèlman, okap se pou tout Ayiti, se pou tout mond lan,” (Cap-Haitien is not for Capois only, CAP is for all of Haiti and the world) argued Andy Durosier.

It is not hard to hide the historical and tourist potential of this city, Cap-Haitien should be in your next destination.


Writer: Obed Blacker DORVILUS

Last modified: September 10, 2019

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