Fanm nan Touris NètAlKole

March 28, 2019

Fanm nan Touris NètAlKole hosted on March 27 and 28, 2019. In honor of International Women’s Day, we hosted two segments on Bibinetalkole Radio one platform; our guest speakers included Pascale Hilaire, Danielle Saint-Lot, Lamia Makkar, Sabrina Frederique, and Adama Kamara. Which was both broadcasted via ZOOM, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. The focus topics  “The glass ceiling effect for women in tourism,” and “Women in tourism,” which was hosted both in Haitian-Creole and English. These segments reached over two thousands individuals on our social media platforms and are still reaching more people daily.



Pascale Hilaire- ATH           

Danielle Saint-Lot– Caribbean Business Consulting

The glass ceiling effect for women in tourism

To elaborate, “glass ceiling” is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps a given demographic (in this case, women) from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy. We explored the degree to which women face various barriers that prevent them as a worker in the tourism sector, how they impact this sector as well if they have any political say in contributing change in policies (Women’s leadership/participation in decision making and political processes within the tourism sector (Government policies). Societal’s expectations of women being in high positions in this sector (i.e., owner, managerial position, etc.). 

Questions that were asked to speakers for this segment are:

  • What are some of the barriers women face within the tourism sector?
  • How can women play a more significant role in creating policies for the tourism sector in Haiti?
  • How do we achieve sustainable tourism?
  • Being a sector that is predominantly ruled by women, what are our goals for creating our own narrative to achieve sustainable tourism?
  • What or how would you define sustainable tourism?
(Due to technical difficulties we do not have the entire one hour of the video.)



Lamia Makkar-WOCO

Sabrina Frederique– Kultured Travels

Adama Kamara– Solo Traveler.

Women in tourism.

“International tourism continues to show significant growth worldwide, and this translates into job creation in many economies. This growth reminds us of the need to increase our capacity to develop and manage tourism in a sustainable way, building smart destinations and making the most of technology and innovation”, said UNWTO Secretary-General, Zurab Pololikashvili.

Focusing on the role of innovation we need to acknowledge the many trends within the sector; are women missing out specifically women in the Haitian market.

Questions that were asked to speakers for this segment are:

  • What are some new technology (ies) currently being used within the tourism sector to facilitate sales, narrative, marketing, etc.?
  • Who are the Competitions? (As women, we know who the competitors are; however, not many take into consideration the global aspect of competition, and not many believe that competition creates innovation, how can we collectively utilize “L’union Fait la Force”?
  • What are some realities women experience in this sector?
  • What are our dilemmas? (i.e., did you have to give up something like motherhood, marriage, a well-paying job, etc. to work in this sector?)
  • What are the opportunities in this sector for women as well as why is it essential for us to create opportunities for other women?
  • The challenges ahead-Any advice?
    • Testimonial from Adama Kamara She shared her experience in Haiti after the ten-day lockdown after all the warnings from the United States and Canada.
      • Why did you choose to travel to Haiti despite the travel alerts?
      • Describe to us and the audience your experience
      • What did you learn about Haiti on this trip that you didn’t know before? Or was different from what the media & society believed to be true
(Some questions were not asked due to our timeframe)

Credit to our sister project Tourism Innovation Summit

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