Miel D’or, More than Succulent in a Bottle

March 20, 2019

To achieve a sublime work, the painter uses the range of its colors; the musician plays with that of sounds. But as for the cook, she uses a variety of flavors. And when it’s a gourmet who is at the helm, she does not do it merely for food but combines all her senses to bring a subtle touch to what she prepares to induce delectation like no other in the world.

For over twelve years, Daniella BIENAIMÉ, a passionate entrepreneur, has been doing so through her business, Miel d’Or (Golden Honey).

Cradled from her early childhood into the creamy hands of entrepreneurship, Daniella has always dreamed of becoming a great businesswoman. It is in this sense that after her classical studies, she quickly turned towards the administration by choosing to major in Science. In the second year of college, with an ease that astonished herself, Daniella launched her first business with close friends. A wonderful experience in which she felt like a fish in water. After four years of schooling, she decided to find a stable job to have some financial security. It was a difficult time for her in which she gave up her entrepreneurial activities to focus entirely on finding the perfect job. An institution hired her and then she felt dissatisfied and resigned to get another job. After a good time doing nothing, she ended up being employed by another company. Then she was in the same psychological chaos in which she felt trapped in a job she did not like. It was at this moment that she made the decision to re-launch her entrepreneurial career and created Miel d’Or.

Establish on November 15, 2016, Miel d’Or is a company that currently offers honey as a product, a substance that comes from bees raised in hive or wild bee (we speak then of wild honey that FAO classifies as a non-timber forest product) quickly and directly assimilable by the body. Honey is the most natural sweetener.

This Haitian culinary company wants to contribute to the improvement of the national flora and export the local honey to the international market.

In the long term, Miel d’Or expects to have its very-own beekeeping field and an industry offering honey for manufacturing pastry and cosmetic products as well as an organic restaurant chain where honey will be used in all dishes.

With Miel d’Or, Daniella had the opportunity to participate in the Haiti Tech Summit 2018. Her best experience was that of going to exhibit the products of Miel d’Or at one of the largest conferences organized by the NAAHP, the national alliance for the advancement of Haitian professionals, an association that aims to develop a synergy between means of participation in reconstruction and development efforts in Haiti based in the United States. She has not only seen success with Miel d’Or but has also experienced some bad times as well, example, she had lost a truck of products in an accident due to the negligence of a driver, this had cost her and Miel D’or.

Her biggest challenge was becoming an entrepreneur. It was easier for her to follow the crowd by doing what most people seek out to do-work to achieve someone else’s goals. Because she had to try her feet in different sectors, this helped found her drive to entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is a precarious experience because we can face the worst but also very interesting; she believes in being genuinely determined to succeed.

To all young people who want to start entrepreneurship, Daniella tells them that they have made an excellent choice because it is the only way to get rich. The conditions are not indeed favorable, but we must keep the hope to redouble our courage and work even harder because everywhere in the world success has never come without hard work and a lot of perseverance.

Even if you have a gall mouth, you can’t spit this honey out because when you have taste Miel D’or, licking your fingers and dipping your hand in this honey will only leave you craving for more; this is what we will think after taking a bottle of Miel D’or.

Author: Obed Blacker DORVILUS

Last modified: March 20, 2019

3 Responses to " Miel D’or, More than Succulent in a Bottle "

  1. Johanne says:

    Félicitations à Daniella,c’est une bonne chose pour toi et l’économie Haïtienne en beneficie.keep doing it

  2. Eunide Innocent says:

    L’entreprenariat, tu l’as dans le sang.
    Vas-y Daniella!!

  3. Nadia François says:

    Congratulations my dear Daniella!👍 So proud of you🤗
    Keep going👍🙏

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