The Future of Hospitality in Haiti and What Policies Could Positively Impact the Sector

September 30, 2019

All good things much come to an end, and with each end comes a departure. This panel consisted of Steve McIntosh representing Groupe Mourral, Stephanie Barnes representing Marriott Port-au-Prince Hotel, and Christian Fombrum representing Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa, with the very Fashionable Shaina Silva from Woco who put an end to the various interventions that have occurred this first day of the first Tourism Innovation Summit in Haiti. 

Christian Fombrum, Steve McIntosh, Shaina Silva, and Stephanie Barnes.
Image by Tourism Innovation Summit

This came at a time when we are asking ourselves the followings about our industry: What should we do? With what perspectives? Which policies do we engage in?

This was the subject of this panel, which also tackled the question of the hotel industry with a special focus on youths. 

Indeed, tourism and hotels represent dynamic sectors with many perspectives. Their future depends, among other things, on the authorities’ ability to make decisions and put them into action. It is essential for their success. 

In her presentation, Stéphanie Barnes, who spoke to the youths in the room, said: “I networked, attended job fairs and found out where the people who occupied these positions were in order to make these actions available.” She went on to say, “I’ve made connections, I’ve asked for more and I’ve proven myself.” This allowed her to say, “I’m not the sales manager by chance, I started from the bottom and I arrived where I am now.”

Continuing the same line of idea, Christian Fombrun believes that it is important to network, it is important to volunteer. Having a degree does not guarantee you a job. In addition, he believes that the change we all hope for must come from ourselves, emphasizing will and determination. Steve McIntosh, argued: “Nothing changes again if you don’t want it.”

In short, stakeholders were unanimous in saying that any policy aimed at developing this sector must first result from a real desire to take the youth into account. 

This panel, the last of the day preceding the Women In Tourism and Tech Cocktail met by the audience in wow. 

Writer: Obed Blacker DORVILUS

Last modified: September 30, 2019

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