The New Haiti-Country Brand

September 24, 2019

Faced with increasingly fierce competition for tourism, creating a country brand is very important. 

The country brand acts on the competitive identity of the country in question. It can help gain a competitive advantage over other countries. It is a national identity made tangible, solid, transmissible and useful. 

At the first Tourism Innovation Summit in Haiti, Haiti’s new brand was on deck to be announced. 

Wilford Souffrant Image by Tourism Innovation Summit

Wilford Souffrant, who represented the director of the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI), Ms. Tessa Jacques, first said in his presentation that the perception will become reality. According to Mr. Wilford, we are very inclined to believe what we see.  

He then presented Haiti’s new brand. 

Presented in an original form in red, or white on red, and accompanied by a signature phrase that positions the country. 

Haïti, une terre, une âme 

Haiti, one land, one soul

Ayiti, yon tè, yon nan

“Haiti one land, one soul, expresses the pride and creativity of our people,” he argued. Emphasizing Haiti’s famous hibiscus logo, a symbol of equality, which was only used by the tourism sector, this new brand “aims to promote the country’s values ​​abroad, highlight its multicultural wealth, and raise internal awareness of opportunities,” said Mr. Wilford in his presentation. 

The red color chosen for the Haitian mark symbolizes the revolutionary and Caribbean character of the one that was the black republic of the world.  According to Mr. Souffrant, “We need to move from a proud nation of its past to a proud generation of the future it builds.” Further, the idea of ​​”Haiti, one land, one soul,” is to move from the perception of a country towards the perception of a country supported by its economy.

To move from a country “sun” and “beach” to a country of cultural tourism, defended Mr. Souffrant. 

Finally, he had the audience watch a video about the new Haitian brand.

Writer: Obed Blacker DORVILUS

Last modified: September 24, 2019

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