Top 4 Haitian Owned Tour Operators That Can Help You Discover The Best of Haiti

April 19, 2019

Tour operators are intermediaries in the tourism distribution system.

Tour operators are intermediaries in the tourism distribution system. They create a bridge that links hotels, restaurants, leisure, events and more to group consumers. As a result of their expertise in the packaging of different tourism products, they can attract a broader range of tourists with specific needs. In recent years, we see a growth in Tour operators operating in Haiti, and we believe those are in the top four.

Explore  Caribbean

This tour operator offers inbound and outbound packages for different cities in the Caribbean; the Dominican Republic, Curacao, and Cuba, including Santiago, Camaguey, and Havana. They also work in partnership with different tour operator across the region to satisfy their clients. If you are planning your next trip to one of the Caribbean countries mentioned above, you probably want to connect with them can be found on Facebook.

Haitian Nomad

Haitian Nomad–established back in 2016 by Richard Cantave, is a Travel brand focusing on putting together once-in-a-lifetime experiences around the world. Based on our Haitian roots, it is an honor also to be able to fulfill our patriotic duty by serving as a platform to show the world through our trips, a side of Haiti that is rarely ever shown.

They offer several yearly group trips to Haiti and some exotic international destinations. Group trips although fun, are not for everyone–this is why we also specialize in putting together personalized tours for individuals, couples, families, etc. Richard is also an expert on travel Hacking–the process of finding the best deals to travel the world for cheap or free using airline miles & credit card points; therefore we put together travel workshops through facebook live where participants get to learn about all our travel tips.

Kultured Travels

Kultured Travels is a premier travel and tour company that curates, crafts and customizes travel experiences for groups of travelers age 18 and up. Their goal is to provide you with the best vacation experience you have ever had. Their vacation packages include exciting tours, mouthwatering culinary dishes, unique excursions and excellent opportunities to walk away with lifetime friends.

Kultured Travels makes finding your next adventure easy. Choose from any of our beautiful destinations for an authentic multi-day experience with up to 25 like-minded travelers. Their goal is to make traveling in groups more personal, more authentic and more accessible than ever before. Find your adventure today!

Belle Vue Tours

Belle Vue Tours offers Historical and Cultural All-Inclusive Group Tours for the

Curious Adventurous Traveler. Their mission is to provide travelers with a first-row seat to Haïti and its breathtaking history while providing you with an authentic experience.

Image by Belle Vue Tours

Many other fantastic tour operators are operating in Haiti; you can learn about them by being part of our growing community, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up on the author’s website for new articles

Author: Davidson Toussaint. Original Post.

Last modified: April 19, 2019

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