Understanding How People Think and Feel Makes Better Products

September 10, 2019

On June 28, various panelists spoke on topics related to tourism. 

Among the themes addressed in the conference room, Marie Louise of the l’hôtellerie du Roi Henri Christophe, Shaina Silva, and Nancy Douyon led a small workshop. 

This writing offers you a summary of their intervention:

The tourist product is a very important concept in tourism. It brings together a wide variety of elements. However, understanding how people think and feel is another important aspect as it makes better products. It is around this theme that these two great ladies of the sector intervened. 

Image by Tourism Innovation Summit

In her speech, Nancy Douyon claimed that she firmly believes there are opportunities here and they must be seized. This comes from the fact that where there are gaps, opportunities are also present. 

For this to be effective, she suggests that:

  1. We need a place to learn from others. 
  2. We must change our stories with our parents in the diaspora
  3. We must not limit our advertising to America and France. On this subject, one of the challenges is that we are not identifiable. Knowing who does who and who does what allows us to collaborate and work with each other.

Moreover, she argues that we do not know our talents and where they are. Many startups in Haiti do not put their products on social media, so you can not find them. You can not start a business or start a business without investment. We must be able to put ourselves online, on the Internet.

In the end, Haiti is doing a lot better than you think. 

“We need to focus more on the gaps, that’s where I started my business,” says Nancy Douyon. On the other hand, she claims we do not know how to invest, and advises the best place to start is where we see a problem. 

Shaina Silva says, “We should think about investing beyond just cash, such as in internships. We need to find a way, as we learn, to get them to the United States for funding.” Shaina may not be the only one to recognize it and to be able to say it loud and clear. There is mental money here. The problem is the kind of press in Haiti and our panic in the diaspora does not make it easy for us.” 

With all this, she suggests:  

  1. Do what we can to appease our people and make this place a place where they can come.
  2. Think about the solutions that work for Haiti.

Writer: Obed Blacker DORVILUS

Last modified: September 10, 2019

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